The Dream And The Dreamer


A 14″ by 11″ Giclee Print

A beautiful reminder that we get to choose.

You’ve heard the famous story about the bear and the hiker. One night a young man dreamed he was being chased by a bear. He ran to the nearest phone both and called his best friend. I know, in the middle of the forest? But hey, this is a dream. He begs his friend to tell him what to do. His friends answers, “It’s up to you, it’s your dream.”

Yes, it’s our dream. What do we choose?

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While every effort has been made to capture colors as they are in real life, please understand that all computer monitors will render colors differently. The colors of these prints may appear slightly different in person than what you are seeing on your computer screen.

Has a one 1/2 border to make framing easier.

Life Continues. Love Remains


Love Is Kind


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