Life Continues. Love Remains


A 14 x 11 Giclee Print Inspired By Undying Love
Sometimes loved ones leave. Sometimes they leave by choice, either ours or theirs.

Sometimes they leave when it is time for them to leave.

Sometimes they leave a relationship with us. That means it is possible to see the again.

Sometimes they leave by dying, and we miss their physical presence.

Choice or time, physical or not, all forms of leaving have a few things in common.

One Truth underlies it all. Although loved ones may leave Love does not. We are never alone, or abandoned, or lost, or unloved.

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While every effort has been made to capture colors as they are in real life, please understand that all computer monitors will render colors differently. The colors of these prints may appear slightly different in person than what you are seeing on your computer screen.

The Dream And The Dreamer


Love Is Kind


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