The Truth 4 Today

Let’s Be Inspired Together

Life is full of unexpected surprises. Some good, some not so good. However, starting with the right premise each day makes us immune from the ups and downs of life, and keeps us consistently living harmoniously.

Sometimes that right premise is hard to find, which is why this series exists.

I wanted something I could read in a second or two, and then ponder and apply to my life all day.  I wanted to begin and end the day with my state of mind perception and my point of view perception in harmony, and in the highest place I could image.

So I wrote The Truth 4 Today Series, and then illustrated it. May I share it with you?

Sign up for this free series, and you get The Truth 4 Today every day, first thing in the morning, for 365 days. After that, you can start again, because it will all seem new again anyway! Start your day the right way, with Truth!

Plus you will once-in-a-while get an email from the Word Art Series. All this is about the power of words to change our thinking, and the world. It’s simple – but effective. I hope you will join me.

Dance-full-size Beca Lewis, the writer and illustrator of The Truth 4 Today, has been writing, teaching, and speaking about perception and the concept of Truth since she was a wee one. She officially began teaching The Shift System in 1992. Her intention is to bring what may appear as a complex subject into terms that be applied to every day living. Now, eight books later (and counting) she still searches, sifts, and gleans to bring the clearest version of universal Truths to as many thinkers and seekers as possible.

You can find more about Beca here.

However, who I am is not important. What is important is that every member of the human family fully and completely expresses their unique individuality so that the tapestry of life is never missing one of its threads. My desire is that this series becomes a vital ingredient assisting you in living your life of principle and purpose.

It’s a selfish desire, because I know that I can’t fully express myself unless everyone does. So let’s make The Shift together – and come dance with me in this dance called life.

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